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Once again in the West End, Vancouver, at Blenz Coffee.  Last night I stayed at Parisa’s in West Van.  This morning we went for breakfast at Savary Island Pie Company.  Any place with “Pie Company” in the title ought be good.  I actually skipped the pie but had the best cheese & mushroom omelette of my life!

We arrived in Vancouver on Saturday morning.  After dropping our luggage at Philippe’s place we made our way to Granville Island and I gave Judith a tour of the Market.  We continued walking along False Creek all the way to Science World.  I stopped in at Long & McQuade to pick up my lap slide guitar I was having some work done to the week prior.  After returning to the West End we went for a feed at Caper’s Market.  I got the idea that we could rent a tandem bike and cruise around.  We had a great time and rode all around the Waterfront, Canada Place, and around Stanley Park, back to Denman.  Our late dinner was at Red Robin and we shared a delicious tower of onion rings; a first for Judith!

Yep, he’s crazy!

When we returned to Philippe’s place he was home and it was time to break out the guitar.  Philippe accompanied me on djembe and harmonica.  We made some beautiful noise ;)  It really was a ton of fun and I recorded it.  It makes me smile and laugh just listening to it.  And it does sound really good; especially for ad lib jamming!

Judith departed YVR for Seattle yesterday morning.  We didn’t make it to the airport in time so she had to wait for the next flight out.  She’s gone to visit some others in the US before flying back home to Germany.  After the airport I went back downtown.  I needed to find a washroom so wandered into the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel.  I’ve been there before; it’s a gorgeous place, and I always associate the hotel to their special Fazioli piano in the foyer.  There’s an excellent feature on the pianohere.  Often times hotels and bars are stuck up about letting random people play their pianos.  It makes you wonder why they even have them.  I hate to see pianos as just pieces of decorative furniture.  The scene was a little different walking into the hotel this day; the piano was open, the lobby music wasn’t playing on the stereo, and it was a relatively quiet morning.  Only the the soft noise of the hotel and restaurant filled the room.  I decided to seize the opportunity and I sat down at the keys.  I first played Yann Tiersen’s Le Matin, then followed with a composition of my own called October.  From that I got the nice surprise of an applause & smiles from hotel staff and a few of the guests that were in the vicinity!  So with that I followed up with two more of my own pieces, Vagabond, and The Sea.  I didn’t want to over-stay my welcome so I left it at that.  As I passed by the front desk on my way to the door I received nice compliments from the staff on duty.  I thanked them for letting me play, and made my exit with a smile.

I met up with my buddy Edwin for lunch.  We were going to check out La Taqueira, a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place but when we arrived we saw it was closed on Sundays.  We were going to go to Nuba Café instead but couldn’t find it in time to pacify our (my) growling stomachs so opted for the Cactus Club Café.  We spent the afternoon at Turks Coffee on Commercial Drive and afterwards I met up with Su downtown.  It was a great day!

The only bear Judith met in Whistler.  At least he was friendly!

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