Arrivée à Montréal

I arrived in Montreal on Wednesday afternoon and took the airport bus into the city.  My good friend Hervé came to pick me up at the Longueuil Metro Station.  It was great to see him again as it has been three years since his Whistler visit.  Hervé is an award-winning filmmaker whose work always amazes me.  Check out his website here.  We hung out in the suburbs for a couple of days and, along with his girlfriend Caroline, shared a nice dinner in the city to celebrate his birthday.  We went to a fantastic Greek restaurant called Ouzeri.  Be sure to check it out if you find yourself in Montreal.

Thursday’s rains never seemed to quit but only proliferate as the day went on.  By the evening it had become torrential.  Walking to and from the restaurant from the car we were glad to have our umbrellas but still arrived home with soaked shoes.

Waiting for a parcel to arrive we decided to just stay at home for the day.  Both Hervé & I had to get caught up on some emails and other work so it worked out well.  For lunch we decided to order in the “obligatory” St. Hubert.  I still can’t believe I ate that.  Sure, the sauce tastes good in the moment, but you pay for it later.  That’s the last time. :)