The Next Project

From London I have traveled to Montréal, Canada.  It is here I plan to stay for a while and focus on some work.  The first phase is to learn French.  From elementary school up to Grade 10 I took French and did what was asked of me in the classroom.  Since then I have actually developed a true interest in languages.  I’ve managed to achieve an intermediate level of French, but now it’s time to really dig in.  I’m challenging myself to become fluent by the end of the month.  I’ve enroled at ILSC here in the city and will spend my mornings in class.  I chose part-time studies because I think that more can be achieved if actually “using” the language rather than “studying” it.  The textbook has its place but real learning occurs with proper practise.

So for the next while the majority of my posts will likely be en français.  If you’d still like to read but do not understand French, keep in mind that Google Translate function I’ve installed on the blog.  If you do understand French, please feel free to correct me on any mistakes I make.  It will be appreciated!  As it will take me a while to write the posts, they may be less frequent, but don’t give up on me. :)

à la prochaine!