Athens To Dubai

Wednesday, July 15 - Athens to Dubai

I had an okay sleep last night—better than the previous. Woke up around 07:30 then went for a walk and found a bakery to get some fresh breakfast again. One last cheese pie and a custard pie—"when in Athens…“ I walked to the grocery store to buy some souvenirs to take home and share with friends & family. Saganaki. Yes! I also stocked up on some olives & baklava to take as gifts. The plan was to catch the metro to the city centre and then find the bus to the airport. But nothing can ever be easy, otherwise life would be boring, right? Due to the metro workers’ strike I could still ride for free, but the office employees weren’t exactly enthusiastic about explaining where the airport bus was, they just said it was outside; a huge square with lots of traffic around but no bus signs… and no buses. Apparently there was going to be a public demonstration, so the buses to the airport weren’t going to be running either. The police were on several corners around the square, preparing their batons & shields. I wasn’t going to stick around for any kind of demonstration, peaceful or not—I had a plane to catch. At the metro office I met an American lady that was also asking after the bus to the airport. She asked me if she could stick with me to find the bus, so together we eventually found a small booth that had the information posted on a makeshift sign that the bus wouldn’t be running. Luckily there were two other travellers who spotted us there with our backpacks. They were local Greeks also headed to the airport and asked us if we would like to all split a cab. Great! It was only €10 each to get to the airport and took around 45 minutes. A tight squeeze for four adults but a better ride than a bus would have been. We arrived safely at the airport and I thanked Theo, Alex, and Nora for sharing the ride, then we all went our separate ways. I found the Emirates counter and waited the spare hour I gave myself for them to open so I could list myself for the flight. I had to change my flight just before leaving Dubai as I got called for a gig on the evening I was originally supposed to return. So I was only listed on stand-by for the flight. With some time to kill at the airport I walked around for a bit then decided to find some lunch. I had plans to get caught up on my blog but instead spent most of the time talking with a family from Surrey, BC who had just arrived in Athens the day before and were visiting several countries in Europe. At 14:40 I had to go back to the check-in desk and see if they had a spot for me on the flight. Thankfully I got a seat! It was exciting to be coming home to Dubai. I’m looking forward to getting back to work and making music. The Mediterranean sailing experience was fantastic. We covered an estimated 800 nautical miles and got to see some incredible places!

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