Challenger or Camry?

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I’m not yet in the habit of writing blog posts and so even though I’m ready to turn out the lights and get some sleep, I’m going to write!  I’m hosting Judith from Germany this week so we’ve been filling our days with fun activities.

Today we went on an adventure to the Sunshine Coast.  We rented a car in the morning in Whistler.  The rental company asked me if I wanted a Challenger or a Camry.  I had to laugh at that but didn’t hesitate in my response!

We drove south to Squamish and made a quick stop at Canadian Tire, before sitting down at Onatah Coffee.  Afterwards we continued south and checked out Shannon Falls and onward to the ferry terminal at Horseshoe Bay.  Upon arrival in Langdale we drove to Roberts Creek for a delicious lunch at the Gumboot Café Restaurant.  Judith had the Veggie Burrito and Frances & I each had a Ninja Bowl!  All three of us went for the excellent Spinach & Mushroom Soup.  After lunch we found the beach, the girls spent the afternoon there and I drove to the airport in Sechelt to make a couple visits.  We missed the ferry back to Horseshoe Bay by only a few minutes so passed the time with a trip into lower Gibsons.  Once we crossed back we hurried up Highway 99 to get to Grilled Fromage in Squamish before it closed.  What a great place; be sure to stop in for one of Colin’s ~60 awesome variations on grilled cheese sandwiches.  This time I went for the Summer Grizzly Bear, Fran had The Advocat, and Judith had the Beach Boy.

Yesterday, Judith & I cruised into the village on our bikes and went up the River of Golden Dreams in a canoe.  We started at Alta Lake; and finished at Green Lake a couple hours later.  Some of the sections were really shallow but it was fun and we had perfect weather.  In the afternoon we met up with Nicole & Eric from Toronto who are out visiting the west coast and made the effort to drive all the way to Whistler to see me!  I hope to make a stop in Toronto on my way east :)

It’s already half a week past but I wanted to also include the great afternoon I had with Philippe & Jessica in Vancouver!  I got back to Phil’s place just as they were heading out for a ride to Third Beach.  I was going to borrow Philippe’s second bike but François had his bike locked to it.  Luckily Philippe’s unicycle was handy so I was glad to have that to ride.  It was great to take it for a spin!  We rode to Third Beach, heard unicycle comments as usual (the new one for today from a little girl: “One is sooo cool!”), read our books for a while as we sat in the sun.

I followed up the afternoon with an evening with Adam & Kristie which included dinner at Salsa & Agave Mexican Restaurant, and an ultra-rich dessert at True Confections.  I don’t think I need to eat dessert for the next six months.  The Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake was just too much!

Anyway, I’m off to bed now to catch my winks ;)