Friday, July 10
Agia Efimia & Melissani Cave, Sami

It’s a hot, sunny afternoon but there’s a nice breeze blowing so that keeps it comfortable in the shade. I’m sat at a place called “Carena” here in Agia Efimia. It’s the only place with decent wi-fi their food is good, and the music they play is cool.

We just got back from a short trip to Melissani Cave nearby the village of Sami here on Cephalonia. The cave was really neat. The four of us were able to take a taxi there and back for €25 and entry to the cave was €7 each but that included a boat tour on the lake in the cave. The lake is a mix of fresh water and sea water, which comes in from Argostolion on the southwest corner of the island. The water is 15 metres deep in the deepest area and 1 metre in the shallowest part. The air was very humid and cool. There were pigeons and bats (though sleeping) in the cave. A spectacular place worth the visit!

Today for lunch I was here at Carena and had a delicious pesto/feta/peppers club sandwich with a Greek salad. It’s been nice to just take it easy today. There’s not much to the town here; I’ve explored most of it already. Tomorrow we’re sailing to the northern part of the island. So now I’m just getting caught up on writing…

Dale NicholsComment