In the late afternoon on Saturday we reached Izvir Soča, the source of the Soča River, found in Triglav National Park.  Later in the evening we made it back to Medvode to have dinner at Polona’s family place.

On Sunday we all went out to Pizzerija Klementina in Škofja Loka where I was treated to to the best pizza I’ve ever had!  I chose Jurčkova, a mushroom topping.  Afterwards we walked around the old village of Škofja Loka and found a nice cafe so that I could try Kremšnita - they insisted, what else could I do?!  

The weather had been pretty good all week, then it decided to rain on my last day.  But that was okay because it was nice to just take it easy for the day, and spend time with my wonderful hosts.

Early Monday morning, Polona drove me to the airport and I checked in at Adria Airways for my flight back to London.  It was sad to leave but I hope to return.

To my Slovenian friends:

Zahvaljujemo se vam za neverjetno teden v vaši čudoviti deželi.  Nikoli ne bom pozabil.  Na zvidenje, vse naj naj!

P.S.  Hvala za poučevanje me slovensko.  Ko sem lačen, sem drugačen. ;)