Monday, July 6
Vliho Bay to Poros

We made an early start to the day and got on our way south to the island of Cephalonia by 07:00 am. The original plan was to sail to Argostolion on the southwest corner of the island, as that’s where Ross’s daughter Lisa and her boyfriend Joe are flying in to from the UK to join just for the last part of the sailing trip.

Coming from Lefkada Island we really didn’t have much wind. It came and went and had us adjusting sails and faffing around with the spinnaker but ended up having to sail with help from the motor for most of the way. Argostolion was just too far to go and didn’t sound so nice so Ross chose the small village of Poros as our destination. I’m glad we came here. It looked beautiful as we sailed in and there weren’t many boats in the small marina. More came along later in the afternoon and early evening but it’s still a relatively quiet place.

Along the way here Ross’s phone started showing signs of life and seems to be working again (most of the time). That removes a lot of hassle from the agenda! When technology such as this fails we realize how dependent on it we have become but how useful it really is too.

Once we got settled Ross had a rest and I went ashore to source out the local attractions, restaurants, and cafés with wi-fi, and also looked at bus routes to Argostolion. After consideration Ross decided it would be more efficient and cost effective to rent a car and drive to Argostolion instead to pick up Lisa & Joe. So that’s the plan for Wednesday.

I chilled out for the rest of the afternoon at a cool café across the road from the boat. It was nice to just sit in the comfy chair, listen to the good music they had playing, and have a snack (or two!)

For dinner we went to a place nearby the marina called Dionyssos. I had their saganaki to start (which I could eat every day) followed by their local spicy meatballs and rice dish. It was good but last night’s dinner tasted better.

Dale NicholsComment