Once I arrived in London (Gatwick) I had to make my way to Heathrow so I hopped on the express bus and made it there in about an hour.  I had a stand-by ticket to Oslo but lucky for me there was a seat left on the flight!

It’s three years since I was last in Norway.  It’s great to be back here and see everyone again.  The first week I didn’t do much except work at catching up on my blog and email.  For most of the week I was in Bærums Verk with Knut Erik & Mette.  Knut Erik and I took a hike up to Buruvann to have lunch and take a few photos.  Later in the week I went into Oslo to see Hilde & Tobias.  I also got to see Camilla, a friend of mine from school, whom I met by chance at the National Theatre.  We had planned to meet but didn’t know where or exactly when.  I thought I’d just walk there, hoping I’d see someone I know - then there she was!