Sunday, July 12
Fiskardo to Kioni, Ithaca

Our departure from Fiskardo went a lot smoother than our arrival. Before leaving I had gone into town to find the bakery and pick up a couple of things for our lunch later in the day.

We sailed east towards the island of Ithaca, coming around the top side of the island then down the east coast. We sailed into the bay of Fricke but instead of mooring up for the night opted to keep going a little further south. I’m glad we did because Kioni is a lovely spot! Once we arrived I made lunch. We had our fresh bread with cheese and other consumables left in the cooler that had to get eaten up. I also made a yogurt dish for everyone, just like the Greeks serve it, with fresh fruit and honey. We also shared a small custard pie that I spied at the bakery in the morning.

I went walking and snorkelling most of the afternoon. The swimming spots here are beautiful—lots of interesting fish to see in the amazingly clear water. After I got showered up I came to find this café on a terrace to sit in the shade and write. Only two more nights on the boat to go. Tomorrow we’re off to Messolonghi on the mainland!

Dale NicholsComment