Thursday, July 9
Poros to Agia Efimia

We left Poros in the morning after breakfast. It was interesting to see the mountain I had hiked from another angle as we passed it heading north. Enroute to Agia Efimia we stopped mid-afternoon at a small bay for a break. The bay was much more developed than indicated on the map. They had umbrellas on the beach and were providing waterskiing, tubing, and jet-skis. There were a few out on the water but we stayed anchored further out along with some other sailboats. We went swimming in the refreshing water and had a simple lunch aboard the boat. Afterwards I put on the snorkel mask and snorkelled for a good half hour. I could see lots of fish and a few sea urchins in the clear water. It was great!

In the later afternoon we packed up and continued up the coast. We came into the harbour in Agia Efimia and moored up into the busy little waterfront. I reserved a table for us at a restaurant just across the road from our boat. They were featuring live traditional Greek music. It was a duo playing guitar and bouzouki (and would swap the bouzouki for accordion on some songs.) I really enjoyed listening to them and watching them play. I’ve been interested in getting a bouzouki and asked the player about it afterwards. A good handmade one is about €1000 and the cheaper ones I’ve seen in a couple of shops go for €200-350 but he said they really don’t sound good. I don’t want a piece of firewood so will wait until I can afford a nice one someday on a return trip to Greece.

For dinner I had a Cephalonian dish very similar to Italian bruschetta as my starter then tried the lemon-oregano lamb dish as recommended by the waiter. It was alright. The restaurant host told us about a flea market setting up in town for the weekend. We walked over to it afterwards but I wasn’t impressed by anything. It was all junk being sold by immigrants. I guess I was just expecting something with an authentic Greek vibe. Later in the night I wandered around on my own and eventually found a cafe with some wi-fi, got connected and booked myself an AirBnB accommodation for Athens next week.

Dale NicholsComment