To The Sea…

Our bus arrived in Koper and we were met by Polona’s brother Žiga who lives there.  We drove to his apartment and as the sun was starting to set we headed up to the roof of the building to enjoy the view.

Žiga got talking about music and bands we like and when we were talking about Pink Floyd he asked me if I had ever seen Dark Side of The Rainbow.  Whether it’s pure synchronicity or simply apophenia it was enjoyable to watch.  Near the end Adrijana, Boštjan, Jon, and Nika showed up.  A wonderful group of people to spend my last night being 25; I brought out my guitar to show them and we stayed up talking and singing songs until it was time to get some rest.

When I woke up in the morning I ran up to the roof to watch the sunrise and when I came down and everyone was up they all sang me Happy Birthday and we had breakfast together.

Afterwards Jon had to go off to work and Žiga had some errands to run but us others went on a drive to Strunjan to see the White Cross over Strunjan.  The view was beautiful; the sea so blue.  To the northwest we could see the coast of Italy in the distance.  After a visit to a nice old church just nearby we continued the drive south to Piran where we wandered the streets, visited the market (where Jon’s father was working), and found lunch at a local bakery.  We walked along the seaside; the wind strong and the waves crashing against the rocks.

Later in the afternoon we headed to Ozeljan in the Nova Gorica area to Boštjan’s aunt’s place.  She fed us delicious dinner of pasta, which is typical for this area, which shares many traits of Italian culture due to its proximity.  My kind friends surprised me when they presented me with a gift and lovely card after our meal.  They just kept me smiling all day long!