Tuesday, July 7, part II

I had a very productive afternoon catching up on writing, right until my iPad battery level was down to 1% when I packed up to walk back to the boat and take a break. Part-way through my writing session I was glad to have gotten the Twitter notification about Yann Tiersen doing a live interview on NRK P1 Finnmark and thankfully the internet connection was solid enough that I could listen to it all the way through. He has just started a cycling & concert tour in northern Norway. I think he’s stealing ideas from me ;)

When I came back to the boat in the afternoon Ross had explained how he was taking care of one job and kept creating more for himself, ie. replacing a bulb on the stern and dropping the cover in the water, having to dive for it, and adjusting the lazy-jacks on the main sail—he let go of one end and it went all the way up to the pulley at the top, three-quarters the way up the mast. So someone was going to have to go up to bring it down. He gave me the option of going up or controlling the line and winch to haul him up. I chose the former even though going up the mast isn’t my idea of a good time. We managed to get it done without error or injury and fairly quickly too. One of the neighbours on the boat beside us offered his help to tail the halyard and safety lines I was attached to. We made sure to tie stopper knots in the lazy-jacks so the other end wouldn’t go up on the mast too!

In the evening Ross & I went back to the restaurant in the square with the blue chairs. The owner was pleased to see us. I had the grilled halloumi skewer with balsamic sauce along with the regional specialty dish “Kefalonian Meat Pie”. Both were very tasty.

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